More coming soon: grants, conferences, internships and outreach

Pilot grants

The center aims to award 5~8 pilot grants each year in research areas related to big data and precision health.


The center plans to hold an annual conference and symposium, hosted by alternating institutions in China and Duke University, to promote collaborate and exchange between global leaders in big data and precision health. The Duke participants’ and guest speaker travel costs may be fully covered by the center.

Student internship

The center aims to sponsor summer internships for Duke students to work with the Chinese partners as well as through our partnership with the Duke Institute for Health Innovation (DIHI).


The center will seek to sponsor local outreach activities (e.g., with local education systems including Durham high schools) related to big data health and precision medicine. Selected high school students may also participate in sponsored research projects and summer internship opportunities through new and existing programs approved through Duke Youth Programs and Duke University Continuing Studies.


The center plans sponsor activities that promote entrepreneurship such as a business plan competition, hackathon, VC pitch competition, seed funding and networking events with global investors. The center will also participate in the student entrepreneurship programs in the Pratt School of Engineering to strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation at Duke Engineering.